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We are known as PaWingers or just The Wingers by our Geocaching friends. When we found our first cache we had to come up with a name to log the find. We came up with this name simply because of residing in Pa. and because one of our many passions is cruising this beautiful country on our Honda Goldwing. Aside from geocaching we are passionate about most anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling and biking. We are blessed beyond words with a wonderful son and daughter in law. We're also blessed with some terriffic family and friends. We consider ourselves very fortunate due to the fact that after being married over 40 years we still enjoy these things together.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't be too quick to call it a day.

There have been many evenings that we were reluctant to call it a day and hike back to the car. Usually the reasoning was that we witnessed so many awesome things that it was difficult to accept that the day was over. If you never witnessed the eerie sound of a big bull bugling, breaking the silence of a dark night, you probably wouldn't understand. Now picture this in stereo as you stand in near darkness listening to two bulls challenging each other with their loud vocalizations. It's a sound that is very hard to forget and so alluring. The evening this photo was taken we had photographed some awesome rut action and held our position on the outskirts of the herd until the dimming light was making photography pretty much impossible. We began to head out but paused to admire the last light of the day as it dipped below the horizon. As we watched the last beautiful band of color we noticed a large bull off to our left. We stood motionless hoping he would position himself so as to be backlit by this beautiful glowing sunset. It was just the slightest band of glowing light and would only last but a few moments. Our patience paid off and we captured some amazing images. What a perfect end to an incredible day.

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Willard said...

It doesn't get any better than this, Tom! Truly an outstanding image.