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We are known as PaWingers or just The Wingers by our Geocaching friends. When we found our first cache we had to come up with a name to log the find. We came up with this name simply because of residing in Pa. and because one of our many passions is cruising this beautiful country on our Honda Goldwing. Aside from geocaching we are passionate about most anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling and biking. We are blessed beyond words with a wonderful son and daughter in law. We're also blessed with some terriffic family and friends. We consider ourselves very fortunate due to the fact that after being married over 40 years we still enjoy these things together.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And on the 8th day he created the Smoky Mts.

I won't bore my readers with countless words that won't begin to describe the beauty of the Smoky Mountains.  I will instead allow the photographs to perform that task.  It is a place of incredible beauty and solitude.

This view was incredible.  What made it even more incredible is that this is what we saw from the hot tub on the back deck of our cabin.

I'm thinking you may be wondering why we're all geared up in these harnesses and helmets so allow me to explain.  If you are really going to fully appreciate the beauty of the Smoky Mountains there's no better way than to zip along high above the treetops on a Zipline.  This is called a Canopy Tour and was such a rush.  Our adventure began with an ATV ride to the very top of a mountain.  After that the real fun begins.  Our first introduction to the insanity of this tour was walking out onto a rope skybridge that swung in the breeze as we made our way out to our first platform.  This platform was a small circular platform built around a pine tree maybe 125 feet high which happened to be perched out on a very high and steep cliff.  For the next 3 hours our feet never touched the ground as we slid across the sky on a thin steel cable from platform to platform.  This was an incredibly exciting adventure.  We zipped 9 different lines as we worked our way down the mountain and literally zipped a hundred feet and more above the treetops that were maybe 150 feet tall and perched on a very high mountain.  Now if that doesn't sound like fun nothing will.

This is Jeanne zipping to the next platform.

How about one more shot of one of God's cutest critters.