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We are known as PaWingers or just The Wingers by our Geocaching friends. When we found our first cache we had to come up with a name to log the find. We came up with this name simply because of residing in Pa. and because one of our many passions is cruising this beautiful country on our Honda Goldwing. Aside from geocaching we are passionate about most anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling and biking. We are blessed beyond words with a wonderful son and daughter in law. We're also blessed with some terriffic family and friends. We consider ourselves very fortunate due to the fact that after being married over 40 years we still enjoy these things together.

Friday, May 13, 2011

He wore brown velvet and looked dashing!

It's hard to believe that this big fella only lost his old set of antlers a few short weeks ago.  Just look at him now, he's already an awesome sight.  These bulls grow at an amazing rate and can add up to an inch per day to their antlers.  They are antlers by the way!  Horns aren't shed every year but antlers are.  Horns are on cattle and bison and sheep and the like.  This big guy will be one to keep an eye on over the next couple months.  The velvet looks so smooth and soft and will likely be eaten by the elk when the time comes to rub it off.  Although it doesn't look that appetizing to me, it is very good for the elk to eat it.  Some people claim that it has many healing properties if eaten by humans.  I can't really say if it does any good or not because he ran away when I tried to nibble on his antlers. 

 Hey, you know I hate getting my picture taken!

Okay just one view from the side and I'm outta here!  How's that?


Chuck (Sparticus06) said...

Gonna be a nice sized set too. I have been seeing elk just about every morning on my way to work. It has been interesting to see them growing back their antlers.

Willard said...

He looks like he has great potential. That reminds me of encounters I had with "Kisser" in May of 2008--2010.