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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What an awesome bird!!

It seems as though the Eagle population is growing.  We see that as a wonderful thing because it's hard to find a more magnificent bird.  These awesome creatures have incredible eyesight and can spot and identify their next meal from a mile away.  They are very good swimmers but are prone to hypothermia in very cold water so they do avoid a winter swim for their next meal.  Did you know that Eagles can fly to an elevation of 10,000 feet.  While some of them migrate others remain here for the winter.  Eagles mate for life.  Bet you didn't know their wingspan ranges from 72 to 90 inches.

We got very luck on this day and were able to paddle very close to where this majestic bird was perched in a tree scanning for his next meal.. Luckily he felt we were a bit too much to grab in his talons.


Les Barr said...

Yes, I also agree, that the Bald Eagle is one of the most magnificent birds that we all should appreciate seeing in the wild.

I am sorry to say that none of these great birds can be found around this area. I would have to travel about an hour away to see these birds at a place called the Conawingo Dam located near the Maryland border. There are quite a number of them that stay around the Dam. I've been down there with my Camera and seen them, but my Telephoto Lens is not big enough to reach out that far to capture. There are always a number of Nature photographers there trying to capture them, but they have those large Wildlife Lens's that are made just for that. With my limited budget, I can't afford a Lens that can cost over $1000 or more, but do wish I could have one.

Thanks for the information and Images of our Nation's symbol of Power.


Sparticus said...

Just beautiful. I hope to get a pic of one of these magnificent birds.

Willard said...

I am envious of these photographs, Tom. It is hard for me to get close to these birds--even with the 500mm except when I go to Conowingo.